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On this page you can view and download your favorite San Francisco Giants logo from past and present, as well as read detailed club statistics. The San Francisco Giants are a Baseball team competing in the Major League Baseball competition, and were founded in 1883.

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San Francisco Giants logo

Logo Name: San Francisco Giants

Sport: Baseball

League: Major League Baseball

League: National League

Division: West

Founded: 1883

Location: San Francisco, California (USA)

Stadium: Oracle Park

Championships: 2014, 2012, 2010, 1954, 1933, 1922, 1921, 1905

Retired Numbers: 3, 4, 11, 20, 24, 25, 27, 30, 36, 44, 42

Owner: Charlie Johnson

Mascot: Crazy Crab, Lou Seal


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History of the San Francisco Giants logo:

The San Francisco Giants are one of the most prosperous franchises that have happened to call two different cities their home. Founded in 1883 as the then known New York Gothams the name did not last long. After just two seasons the franchise decided to change its name to the now famous Giants.

Since San Francisco changed its name from Gothams to the Giants the franchise has had unbridled success, winning five World Series Championships and a huge seventeen League Pennants.

It was in 1950’s when relocation talk started for the Giants and after talks with the mayor, they decided to uproot the franchise to San Francisco. Since the relocation, the Giants have enjoyed a decent amount of success, winning three World Series and six League Pennants.

Since entering the National League in 1883 the San Francisco Giants have had numerous emblems, with many of them a by-product of the team’s time in New York. Since the move the Giants have updated their logo countless times but never went too far away from its roots, even keeping the name on the logo every time a new one was introduced to the fan base.

First Giants logo

This was New York’s first ever logo that did not have letters as the main logo. Their logo was a white baseball that had orange seems. They used a darker shade on the bottom right of the baseball to give the illusion that the logo was 3-D. They had the name Giants across the baseball in bold black letters.

60's logo version

The first of the new San Francisco Giants logos although similar to the New York Giants logo, the major difference was that the 3-D illusion was gone, replaced by a generic baseball with orange seams and did not have the darker shade on the baseball itself, instead just plain white.

Early 70's logo version

To many the most decisive change to the Giants logo. It was still similar but with one major change, the white baseball was now a lighter shade of orange with the baseball’s orange seams and outline still easily visible. The word Giants was stretch across the logo in bold black lettering.

San Francisco Giants logo 1973-1982

The logo must have been a hit as it took the franchise eleven years to decide to change it. Once again it was like their previous logo but this time the orange was significantly darker and more pronounced. The orange seams were replaced with black and the orange outline of the baseball was also changed to black. The word Giants was again across the front of the logo in black lettering.

Early 90's logo

The previous logo must not have taken to the fans liking as it only lasted a single year. The following season the Logo was changed. The dark orange colour of the baseball was replaced with the generic white and the seams were made to look different, more spaced out than previous logos. This was the first logo in which the word Giants appearing in all capital letters, in black with orange outlines.

Late 90's logo version

It took the team ten years before they decided to change the logo. It was much the same as the previous logo with the biggest difference being the size of the baseball. The baseball was made to look smaller behind the wording of Giants which was still black with orange outlines.

The current San Francisco Giants logo

In 2000 the logo once again went through minimal changes. The white on the baseball was replaced with a somewhat cream tinge to give it the 3-D illusion and had orange seams instead of black like previous logos. The latest logo design for the San Francisco is simple in design but appealing to the eye and it is a constant reminder of where the franchise came from way back when it was known as the New York Giants to present day as the now San Francisco Giants.

Previous San Francisco Giants logo versions:

1958 - 1967 logo

1958 - 1967

1968 - 1972 logo

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1973 - 1982 logo

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1983 - 1993 logo

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1994 - 1999 logo

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