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On this page you can view and download your favorite Sacramento Kings logo from past and present, as well as read detailed club statistics. The Sacramento Kings are a Basketball team competing in the National Basketball Association competition, and were founded in 1923.

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Sacramento Kings logo

Logo Name: Sacramento Kings

Sport: Basketball

League: National Basketball Association

Founded: 1923

Location: Sacramento, California (USA)

Stadium: Golden 1 Center

Championships: 1951

Retired Numbers: 1, 2, 4, 6, 11, 12, 14, 16, 21, 27, 44

Owner: Vivek Ranadivé, Paul E. Jacobs, Gary E. Jacobs, Hal Jacobs, Jeffrey A. Jacobs

Mascot: Slamson the Lion


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History of the Sacramento Kings logo:

The Sacramento Kings logo has undergone some drastic changes over the years while still leaving most features, the colours and general design has had some changes, from when they were known as the Cincinnati Royals way back in 1958 to the now Sacramento Kings of 2020 the logo has been a symbol of the teams ambitious beginnings while reminding the entire NBA that the franchise is going under a great transformation and slowly becoming a force in the league. Despite only having one championship to its name in 1951 the franchise is as well followed as any in the NBA Evolution of the Logo:

Starting way back when the franchise was known as the Rochester Royals the logo was simple and plain. The main colours of blue and white surrounded the franchises name. A blue outline of the crest with Rochester in white writing against a solid blue background with Royals floating across the front in white with blue lettering, it was simple yet effective. The current Kings logo is more defined and has more history and purpose behind it. A crown placed atop of a basketball with Sacramento placed on the crown in white and Kings sitting underneath, atop the basketball and it looks like the original logo when the famous franchise moved from Kansas City to Sacramento way back in 1985.

Cincinnati Royals 1958- 1971

After the team moved to Cincinnati in 1957 the team’s logo was a cartoon basketball with a face and was seen wearing a crown with the city of Cincinnati represented in the crown itself. The lettering of Cincinnati is featured above the logo with Royals settled at the bottom. The logo was mainly white with blue outlines.

Cincinnati Royals 1971

In 1971 the franchise logo underwent a change that it is like todays. The team implemented a red crown atop a blue basketball with Cincinnati in blue sitting proudly atop the crown and Royals at the bottom of the crown.

Kansas City-Omaha Kings 1973-1975

When the team moved to Kansas City it took its logo with it. Keeping it much the same with the only changes being Kings written in white on a red crown and Kansas City Omaha curling underneath the basketball at the bottom in blue.

Kansas City Kings 1976-1985

The logo still maintained its red crown and blue with the white basketball but with Omaha dropped from the logo name it was simply now Kansas City above the red crown with Kings sitting at the bottom of the crown. A simple and effective logo for a team about to go under drastic change.

Sacramento Kings 1986-1994

The third city along this storied franchise’s journey. The logo was kept similar but with changes to the names on it, with Sacramento sitting proudly above the famous red crown and Kings settling at the bottom above the classic blue basketball.

Sacramento Kings 1995-2016

The most drastic change to the franchise logo. The red crown and blue basketball were dropped and replaced with a more modern look. Grey, white and purple were the major colours now representing the team. The Kings logo now contained a king’s crown with two spears in the background and a now purple basketball at the bottom. The word Sacramento was now in white and on a purple banner and the word Kings sitting in the middle of the logo in white against the famous purple background.

Sacramento Kings 2016-Present

The latest logo of the famous franchise goes back to its roots while maintaining the modern colours. The crown returned on top with Sacramento sitting proudly in white on the purple crown and the basketball now in grey with Kings sitting underneath the crown. This latest logo is great it is simple and highly effective, modern while keeping the franchise’s history front and centre to remind everyone where the team came from to where it is today.

Previous Sacramento Kings logo versions:

1985 - 1993 logo

1985 - 1993

1994 - 2015 logo

1994 - 2015