Philadelphia Eagles logo

On this page you can view and download your favorite Philadelphia Eagles logo from past and present, as well as read detailed club statistics. The Philadelphia Eagles are a Football team competing in the National Football League competition, and were founded in 1931.

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Philadelphia Eagles logo

Logo Name: Philadelphia Eagles

Sport: Football

League: National Football League

Conference: National Football Conference (NFC)

Division: East

Founded: 1931

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)

Stadium: Lincoln financial field

Championships: 2018

Retired Numbers: 15 (Steve Van Buren); 20 (Brian Dawkins); 40 (Tom Brookshier); 44 (Pete Retzlaff); 60 (Chuck Bednarik); 70 (Al Wistert); 92 (Reggie White); 99 (Jerome Brown)

Mascot: Swoop


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History of the Philadelphia Eagles logo:

In 1933 the very first logo design was a simply blue and white eagle that is seen grasping a blue football. Then in 1943 due to the many men fighting in World War II it made is virtually impossible to be able to get a full compliment to fill a roster and they merged with the Pittsburgh Steelers to become Phil-Pitt Eagles. It was never intended to be a permanent move and it was disbanded at the end of the 1943 season.

In 1948 the teams design was an eagle that was flying while carrying a football in its claws. In 1969 the franchise changed its logo and this time it was a green eagle carrying a white football and its wings look like that of a jet.

Then in 1987 a different design of the logo was launched. The eagle was seen flying to the left and the green eagle now had a white accent throughout its wings and body while carrying a brown football.

The latest logo for the team that is has used since 1995 and its was a eagle with a white bald head and looked a bit cartoonish. The eagle is made to look aggressive and ready to attack with its mouth open. The design has a silver border to give it a 3D look.

Previous Philadelphia Eagles logo versions:

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