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New York Jets logo

Logo Name: New York Jets

Sport: Football

League: National Football League

Conference: American Football Conference (AFC)

Division: East

Location: Florham Park, New Jersey (USA)

Stadium: MetLife Stadium

Championships: 1969


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History of the New York Jets logo:

In 1960 the Jets were known as the Titans of New York and their logo design is was a black and white football player that was situated next to the words The Titans of New York and it was in navy blue and gold colours. In 1963 the franchise changed its logo design to a green airplane with the word Jets printed in white on the inside of the shape of the airplane itself.

That logo only lasted a year and in 1964 the franchise decided a change was needed. The design was replaced with the shape of a football with white and green outlines and had Jets written in the colour green on the inside of the football itself. In the backdrop of the logo the letters NY can be seen and there was a small green football placed at the bottom of the symbol.

That design only lasted a couple of years before change happened again. In 1967 the new logo was changed in colour from white to green and the logo is now in the shape of a football in a solid green colour with the word Jets printed in white on the inside of the football. In the background of the symbol there was an outline of the letters NY in white and a small white football was placed at the bottom of the logo.

There were numerous changes to the logo over the next 30 years and in 1998 then coach Bill Parcells wanted the logo changed to a modified version of the logo in 1965 with the oval shape now being rounded at both ends and it did not look like a football anymore.

The logo design that the Jets use from 2019 to the present day is the word Jets in white italic lettering with a whit and green football in front of the word New York which is also in white and above all within a green oval that looks like the shape of a football.

Previous New York Jets logo versions:

1963 logo


1964 - 1966 logo

1964 - 1966

1967 - 1969 logo

1967 - 1969

1970 - 1977 logo

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1978 - 1997 logo

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1998 - 2018 logo

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