Indianapolis Colts logo

On this page you can view and download your favorite Indianapolis Colts logo from past and present, as well as read detailed club statistics. The Indianapolis Colts are a Football team competing in the National Football League competition.

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Indianapolis Colts logo

Logo Name: Indianapolis Colts

Sport: Football

League: National Football League

Conference: American Football Conference (AFC)

Division: South


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History of the Indianapolis Colts logo:

Starting as the Baltimore Colts in 1953 the design featured the word Baltimore Colts in grey and had blue border and a blue buck-in bronco that was holding a football with a helmet that was flying over a goal post.

The next design is a classic Colts logo and goes all the way back to the AAFC days and was withdrawn in 1978. It was a blue buck-in bronco that was holding a football with the iconic horseshoe football helmet.

In 1979 we saw the first horseshoe design. The actual design was a blue horseshoe with seven small white holes. The move to Indiana in 1984 also brought the same Colt logo from Baltimore. The classic blue horseshoe that had the seven white holes is basically the same as when the franchise was in Baltimore.

The design that the Colts have used since 2002 is a dark blue horseshoe which has remained almost unaltered throughout the years, features a distinctive blue horseshoe and is widely known around the world as a classic logo emblem and when people see it they automatically think of the Indianapolis Colts.

The franchise has won 2 Super Bowls, 7 conference championships and 16 division championships.

Previous Indianapolis Colts logo versions:

1984 - 2001 logo

1984 - 2001